October 2008, No. 4
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2008 Index
The International Arab Journal of Information Technology
Vol. 5

This index covers all papers that appeared in IAJIT during 2008. The author’s index contains the primary entry for each item, listed under the first author’s name. The primary entry includes the coauthor’s names, the title of the paper, journal abbreviation, month, year, and inclusive pages. The subject’s index contains entries describing the item under all appropriate subject headings based on the keywords specified by the authors. Each entry includes the title of the paper, the author’s names, journal abbreviation, month, year, and inclusive pages.

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Scatter Search and Graph Heuristics for Print E-mail

Scatter Search and Graph Heuristics for the Examination Timetabling Problem

Drifa Hadjidj1 and Habiba Drias2
1Département d’Informatique, Université M’hamed Bouguerra, Algérie
2Institut National d’Informatique-INI-, Algérie

Abstract: Examination timetabling problem is an optimization problem which consists in assigning a set of exams to a set of contiguous time slot, satisfying a set of constraints. The problem falls in the category of  the NP-Complete problems  and is usually tackled using heuristic methods. In this paper we describe a solution algorithm and its implementation based on the graph heuristics and the evolutionary meta-heuristic called scatter search which operates on a set of solutions by combining two or more elements. New solutions are improved before replacing others according to their quality and diversity. The implementation of the algorithm has been experimented on the popular carter’s benchmarks and compared with the best recent results. 

Keywords: Examination timetabling, scatter search, evolutionary, meta-heuristic, graph heuristics.

Received December 4, 2006; accepted May 3, 2007


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Generating Exact Approximations Print E-mail

Generating Exact Approximations to Model Check Concurrent Systems

Mustapha Bourahla
 Computer Science Department, University of Biskra, Algeria

Abstract: In this paper, we present a method to generate abstractions for model checking concurrent systems. A program using a defined syntax and semantics, first describes the concurrent system that can be infinite. This program is abstracted using the framework of abstract interpretation where an abstract function will be given. This abstract program is demonstrated to be an accurate approximation of the original program that may contain spurious behaviours. These spurious behaviours will be identified and removed using a new defined abstraction framework based on the restrictions. The new produced abstract program is an exact approximation of the original program.


Keywords: Model checking, abstractions, concurrent systems.

Received February 23, 2007; accepted June 6, 2007

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Incompatibility Dimensions and Integration of Atomic Commit Protocols Print E-mail

Incompatibility Dimensions and Integration of Atomic Commit Protocols

Yousef Al-Houmaily
Department of Computer and Information Programs, Institute of Public Administration, Saudi Arabia

Abstract: Advanced software application systems contain transactions that tend to traverse incompatible database sites belonging to different human organizations. One key requirement of these application systems is universal transactional support and, in particular, guaranteeing the atomicity property of transactions in the presence of incompatible atomic commit protocols. Detailed analysis show that incompatibilities among atomic commit protocols could be due to the semantics of coordination messages or the presumptions about the outcome of terminated transactions. This leads to the definition of “operational correctness”, a criterion that captures the practical integration of incompatible atomic commit protocols. It also leads to the definition of “safe state”, a notion that determines the conditions under which all information pertaining to distributed transactions can be discarded without sacrificing their consistent termination across all participating sites. The significance of the analytical results is demonstrated through the development of a new atomic commit protocol called “integrated two-phase commit” that integrates the most commonly known atomic commit protocols, with respect to applicability and performance, in a practical manner and in spite of their incompatibilities.


Keywords: Two-phase commit, voting protocols, distributed transaction processing, integrated database systems, internet transactions, electronic services and electronic commerce.

Received March 26, 2007; accepted June 9, 2007

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Analysis of Epileptic Events Using Wavelet Packets Print E-mail

Analysis of Epileptic Events Using Wavelet Packets

Nisrine Sinno and Kifah Tout
Department of Computer Science, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Abstract: Many studies have focused on the nonlinear analysis of electroencephalography mainly for the characterization of epileptic brain states. The spatial and temporal dynamics of the epileptogenic process is still not clear completely especially the most challenging aspects of epileptology which is the anticipation of the seizure. Despite all the efforts we still don’t know how and when and why the seizure occurs. However actual studies bring strong evidence that the interictal-ictal state transition is not an abrupt phenomena. Findings also indicate that it is possible to detect a preseizure phase. We will study the patients admitted to the epilepsy monitoring unit for the purpose of recording their seizures. These patients have their EEG signal recorded 24 hours a day for several days until they have enough number of seizures to determine eligibility for seizure surgery. Thus, preictal, ictal, and post ictal electroencephalography recordings are available on such patients for analysis. We propose to use wavelet analysis in order to investigate a case study of the electroencephalography  signal and determine the localization of the seizure and its characteristics.


Keywords: Epilepsy analysis, wavelet, spike detection.

Received June 12, 2006; accepted June 13, 2007

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